Meet Vanya

Vanya Marinova

Vanya Marinova is a Bulgarian concert pianist, who has dedicated her whole life to music. Her talent was spotted early on by her music teacher in primary school, who urged Vanya to apply to the prestigious National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov” in the heard of the capital Sofia. After years of preparation followed by a national exam, Vanya became one of only 20 students to get accepted that year.

Vanya was a top student at music school, winning a number of national and international piano competitions. So, it was no surprise, when she got accepted at the State Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” immediately after finishing school. Vanya graduated cum laude from both her Bachelor and Master degrees in piano, and has over 25 years of work experience as a lecturer, accompanist, and a concert pianist.

After graduating, Vanya worked as a lecturer at the State Music Academy and at the National Music School, while running a very successful private lessons practice. She was also privately working as a freelance accompanist with singers and other instrumentalists, preforming and recording with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, and a number of smaller choirs and chamber orchestras.

Bulgarian National Radio Mixed Choir

Before moving to the Netherlands, Vanya worked as an accompanist for the Bulgarian National Radio Mixed Choir. In addition, she formed a very successful duo together with the concertmaster of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra – Miroslav Stoyanov that performed  in private cocktail parties and official government receptions in Boyana Residence in Sofia.

Vanya and her students at the Bulgarian School in Laiden

Vanya moved to the Netherlands in early 2015 to live with her son and daughter, who are both working and studying in Amsterdam.

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